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I have a Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering. For over 40 years I have held a wide variety of engineering responsibilities in the design, build, test, and operations of numerous spacecraft missions.
Automated Apollo Skylab flight planning
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Lead engineering roles on multiple unmanned space programs ranging from the 1970's to the recent Mars Insight Lander.
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Member of the first Space Shuttle certification team.

At about the time I retired, quality 3D printers became affordable for the individual. Suddenly I was able to quickly design and fabricate plastic and rubber parts required to restore my vintage cars. Although I still had to farm out the job of making metal parts to machinists, being able to make a plastic prototype at home significantly reduced the risk of going straight to fabricating a part in metal. After a while, I began designing and making parts for friends. The size of the projects quickly grew until I was designing projects as large as a full-scale 46,000-gallon replica wooden water tank to support the restoration of the historic DSP&P rail yard n Como, Colorado.

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Today I focus my CAD work on helping individuals and small businesses to turn project ideas into reality. In addition to working with established companies, over the past year I have designed stock for two startups to get their businesses off the ground. This was a rewarding experience for both myself and these customers. My rates are very affordable. Every customer is provided a timesheet that is updated after each significant design step. The timesheet provides the customer with continuing confidence in both progress and expenses. I am located in Morrison, Colorado, in the foothills just west of Denver. To discuss your project and to answer your questions, please email me at

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