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Benefits of Using Computer-Aided Design For Parts You Can't Buy

Many people have hobbies that involve dated paraphernalia. A good example of this is the vintage car restoration business. Your local auto parts shop does not stock the heater knob for a 1965 Aston Martin DB5. There might be a specialty business in England that has the part but there are not many companies willing to invest in reproducing a 65 year old part because there is insufficient demand. Maybe you own an aquarium and wish you had a small custom screen that would keep your fish from swimming into the water filter. Perhaps you have an antique lamp which is missing a part. Or maybe you want to replace unusable parts in the workings of an 18th-century firearm.


There is good news for these people. CAD software allows objects such as those described to be quickly modeled and then very accurately produced by a machinist or on a 3D printer. Many times these unobtainium parts are very simple but having them can make a hobby so much more enjoyable and a restored item. When an assembly of parts is needed, using CAD adds a high level of confidence that the pieces operate properly when mated together.

Shown below are several examples of parts designed and fabricated to fill unique needs.

akaso camera support.png
Mount for Akaso Camera

Custom Aquarium Lid

Custom Aquarium Lid
gauge mount.png
Under-Dash Gauge Mount
steering column spacer.png
Steering Column Collar
vacumm hose fitting.png
Replacement for Missing Control Knob
ALFA-PRT-301A (Rev 2).png
Alfa Romeo Cable Bracket
MG Oil Cap II.png
MG Oil Cap
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